AI-powered platform
for IT services

Inlet helps companies supercharge technical services and make their customers happier

Spend less time coding

Describe your requirements in plain English, and Inlet writes code that connects your clients’ systems.

After Inlet builds your automations, you can edit them in natural language or directly in the code editor.

Bring AI to your clients

Inlet makes it easy to add AI models to your clients' workflows. Manage training examples and tune models for your clients' needs, all within a simple UI.

Faster implementations → happier clients

Inlet handles code generation, hosting, and authentication so that you can focus on the details of your clients’ needs.

When you use Inlet, your customers are up and running faster than ever, meaning they're repeat customers more often than ever.

Debug automatically

Inlet brings testing into the AI age. When it sees errors in your workflow, or when you give feedback that something went wrong, Inlet rewrites the relevant code and fixes itself before you deploy.