AI-powered platform
for healthcare services

Inlet uses AI to help you build healthcare API integrations faster, without growing your engineering team.

Spend less time coding

Describe your requirements in plain English, and Inlet writes the code that connects your app with your clients’ systems.

Customizing solutions for your clients has never been easier. No AI experts necessary.

Bring AI to your clients

Inlet makes it easy to add AI models to your clients' workflows. Manage training examples and tune models for your clients' needs, all within a simple UI.

Instant value

Inlet handles code generation, data extraction, hosting, and authentication so that you can focus on the details of your clients’ needs.

When you use Inlet, you deliver value to customers faster than ever.

Iterate faster with AI

Inlet can automatically debug your workflows after running them.

With a single click, Inlet fixes your code based on any API errors and (optionally) your description of what went wrong.