AI-powered platform
for integration engineers

From orchestrating APIs to training custom AI models,
Inlet helps you build integrations fast.

Automation copilot

Describe any manual process in plain English, and Inlet builds a repeatable automation that connects to any app or data source.

Document engine

Embed AI models in your workflow instantly. Inlet makes it easy to add training examples or build human-in-the-loop systems, so that it learns how to process documents exactly the way your team does.

Development to deployment

Inlet handles code generation, hosting, and authentication so that you can focus on the details of your task. Edit the AI-generated code for any workflow using natural language, in the GUI, or directly in the code editor.


Inlet brings testing into the AI age. When it sees errors in your workflow, or when you give feedback that something went wrong, Inlet rewrites the relevant code and fixes itself before you deploy.